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Green Screen Technology

January 17, 2014

At Pellier Noir we try our best to keep up with the latest technology. One of the things we will be looking to bring in for 2014 is Green Screen Technology.

Many people will know about Green Screen Technology without actually realising it. Many studio based TV shows and modern day feature films are shot in front of a Green or Blue background. This enable computer software to superimpose any background they wish.

This is ideal for Corporate Product events and parties, particularly Proms. Just imagine being photographed at a High School Prom, but the scene behind could be a night view of Rome, or Paris, or even a movie premier red carpet!!

Below is n example of how this can be used. The first picture is the original picture taken with the green background, the following images have been superimposed with a computer software. This process takes only a minute or so from photographing through selection and printing.

To find out more and to get a quote please email

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